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  • Our App on Google Play Store Requires 4.2 and up
  • Our App on Apple iTunnes Store Requires iOS 7.0 and up


How to pair?

First, please plug in your Pebble during set-up. The cable can be plugged into any standard USB computer port or wall adapter, while the head will attach magnetically to the charging port on the left side of your Pebble.
Just let it charge while we run through the rest of the set-up.
If you haven't already, please take a quick trip to the Play Store on your Android device to download the Pebble app. Click or tap the Google Play icon below for a direct link.
Also, please make sure that the Bluetooth on your Android device is turned on in your settings. If it's not, your Pebble will have nothing to link up with!
When you've got your Pebble app downloaded and up-to-date, open it and tap the gear icon  in the top right corner.
Tap the Bluetooth menu , then "Search for Devices" and select your Pebble when it appears. If you want to be sure that it is yours, press any button on Pebble to reveal the identifying code. Hit "Pair" when prompted.
Once paired, tap the “Back” button  twice on your smartphone to go back to the main screen of your Pebble Android App. Press green “Connect” button and you're done!
If there is a new Pebble OS software version available, the Pebble App will let you know. You can also check by tapping options  then "Check for FW Update" in your Pebble App. Tap "Update Now" to start the update. The update should take 1-2 minutes.
Click here for Pebble and iOS pairing instructions:
Learn more about iOS notification settings here:

Fall Detection Alert

When a fall is detected by the Pebble Smart Watch™, a Google Maps™ link is sent to the Caregiver and all Emergency Contacts immediately letting them know that the user has fallen and where they are located.

Safe Zone

Better Alerts Safe Zone can be set to a range of 200, 300, 400 yards or 1 mile from the Clients address.  When the Safe Zone is broken an Alert with a Google Maps™ locator is immediately sent to the Caregiver and Emergency Contacts with a live locator following them down the road.
The live map locator will continue to stay on until the Client returns to the predetermined zone. The Safe Zone can also be deactivated in the Client profile.

Better Alerts Medicine Reminders

Once the User or Caregiver easily set up all of the Users Medication Schedule, Better Alerts System will send vibrating reminders to their Pebble Smart Watch™ with the medications and descriptions displayed.
Better Alerts Medicine Reminders will be pushed from Better Alerts Website to the Users Smart Phone and Pebble Smart Watch™.  These reminders can also be sent to the Caregiver and up to 10 Emergency Contacts so they may follow up with the User to make sure they are taking their medications on time.  This is a very important feature due to Seniors having medical complications as a result of them forgetting to take their medications.

My Connections and Activity Reporting

Better Alerts has made it very easy for the User or Caregiver to change their Emergency Contacts on the fly.  The User or Caregiver can add and change the Caregiver and up to 10 Emergency Contacts from the Better Alerts phone application or the Website. Additionally, Better Alerts application has Activity Reports that can also be accessed from the Better Alerts phone application or Website.  Better Alerts Pebble Smart Watch™ application has a Pedometer built into it tracking the Clients every step.  This application defaults to walking but can also be changed to Running or Biking easily within the Phone Application.

Pebble Smart Watch™

Better Alerts Pebble Smart Watch™ Application allows the user to press the Top Button if they just need a little help from a Caregiver or Emergency Contact while the Bottom Button contacts 911 or Emergency Call Center directly. 
Better Alerts System works in concert with the waterproof Pebble Smart Watch™.  The watch has an accelerometer AND a 3D Gyroscope Detecting Falls and sending Alerts to Caregivers and up to 10 Emergency Contact without having to press any buttons at all.  Better Alerts System immediately sends text and email alerts to all Emergency Contacts with a Google Maps™ link showing where the User is located anywhere in the country. This allows the User to stay active and maintain their independence anywhere they go. The Pebble Smart Watch™ will also vibrate and display all Medication Reminders to insure that the User is taking their medications on time.


Better Alerts UL- Listed & Five Diamond Certified Central Station Monitoring Services Download Brochure

Founded in 1992, CRC’s alarm monitoring central station provides security, environmental, and medical alarm monitoring services as well as video verification and substation protection to more than 22,000 subscribers nationwide. CRC holds an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification, the most widely recognized certificate in the industry. CRC also holds a membership in the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and in early 2011 achieved the CSAA Five Diamond Certificate, which requires an advanced level of alarm-handler training. Less than ten percent of the central stations in the United States have achieved this recognition.